Gaming, then producing games

I grew up with an extremely high volume of consoles and game titles. This led me to playing games competitively, and often critically seeing the strong or weak strokes of any game, often centered around FPS, TPS, ACT, RAC, ARPG, RTS, though almost regardless of genre (except card and board games).

I have been a community level designer on games like Red Alert 2, Yuri’s Revenge, Star Craft and Age of Empires III (and its Star Wars version). Recently, I am more involved with designing competitive maps for Counter Strike: Global Offensive, as well as producing 3 mods, all under the name of Revoluzion. In the scheme of video games, I’ve casually worked as a level designer, 3D & 2D artist, a programmer, a game designer and a producer in multiple private projects, in team and in solo.

Mathematics, fueling into machines

During my undergraduate years, I’ve done quite some bunnyhops into various math-related fields:

  • percolation studies in material science (physics & computers on a nano-scale)
  • mechanism design (nearly the reverse of conventional game theory)
  • information extraction (speedy information extraction on TB’s of academic documents)

… and ended up going for a CS graduate program. There I primarily focused on (classical & modern) probability, statistics, optimization and how they build up to some of today’s machine learning tools, for instance:

  • Bayesian statistics, hierarchical modeling
  • nonparametric Bayesian models
  • nonparametric and semiparametric inference
  • deep generative networks
  • tensor-based probabilistic models
  • topic models
  • approximate Bayesian inference (MCMC, VI, etc.)

The story goes further …

My interest, other than the academic ones and the video game production ones, strikes into a wide array of fields. These include:

  • fashion design (fabric and weaving constructions, machine knitting, texture design, weather proof materials, modern and/or classical styling),
  • mechanic design (Japanese anime mech designs)
  • mechanical engineering (automobile, aerodynamics, internal combustion engines, superchargers, electric motors)
  • professional driving (left-foot breaking, drifting, rev-matching, etc.)
  • finance (private equity funds, option pricing, stochastic differential equations, multivariate time series, high-frequency trading, etc.)

If you find interest in me or my work, or if you have any question, please don’t hesitate to let me know 🙂